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So you're considering help from a Bookkeeper and wondering if we're the right pros for you?

About Us.

Blue Collar Bookkeeping, LLC was founded in 2019 by Katie and Matt Thomas as K&M Ledgers, LLC. We started with the goal to help small business owners get a better handle on their bookkeeping, knowing this is a pain point for many.

As our business grew steadily, we added team members to meet the demand for our services. We discovered our passion is working with small business owners in service-based businesses, ultimately evolving into Blue Collar Bookkeeping, LLC. 

With processes, technology, a motivated team, and industry-specific expertise, Blue Collar Bookkeeping will deliver the highest quality bookkeeping services to your business.


We will treat your business like it is our own. Our team members are ready and eager to help, so you can spend more time leading your business.

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Our Vision

To support small business owners and help their business thrive by providing superb bookkeeping services.

Our Values

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Our aim is to be an ally for your business and we work hard so you can rely on the advice and help we give with your bookkeeping needs.

We treat your information as if it is top-secret NASA information and do not give it to anyone without express written consent.

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We follow GAAP, standards set by FASB, as well as continuing education to maintain current.

Ethics are a priority for us in all we do, not just in bookkeeping.

Gaining a deep understanding the problem


We want make sure both sides are on on the same page, so we respond quickly to emails, texts, voicemails, and new inquiries. If you have a question, feel free to send us an email in your dedicated portal or email to help resolve issues or answer questions.

Updates – we love them. 

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Solutions designed to best fit your company’s needs using cloud-based software to access anytime, anywhere.

If you're looking for an experienced bookkeeper that specializes in the service based industries, holds these standards, and is excited to work with small business owners, such as yourself...

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